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[CRASH] After Activating Wooden Thing


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Steam (Mac)

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  • Issue title
    Crash on Continue after activating Wooden Thing 

  • Steps to reproduce
  • Collect all things and bring them to wooden thing
  • activate wooden thing
  • choose to be taken to a new world
  • select Continue when prompted to either return to menu or continue

  • Describe your issue
  • Played to about day 33 as Willow. Activated teleportato with a full inventory and full backpack. Selected option to be taken to a new world. When given the option to return to main menu or continue, I selected Continue. Game immediately crashed. The Mac OS Crash Report dialog popped up. Upon restarting Don't Starve through steam I was able to continue my save game from World 2 Day 1 with my full inventory, so no progress was lost.
  • I can't confirm if this is consistently reproducible, since I've only ever activated the wooden thing this one time.
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