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[Balance] - Level generation error => Path Blocked

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Bug Submission:

Category: Balance

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Level generation error => Path Blocked

Issue Description: Hi, I'm sending you this little report just to signal an error in the level generation.

About 3 rooms from the start of the level I ended up in a dead end, i looked around but I was traped, never, in the rest of the rooms I already explored, was any door for me to escape...

Do you have a general pathFinder that seeks a path to the exit at the beginning of a level ?

If you do, my guess is that it mistook a tile in the room I'm sending you, as ok where it was actually blocked.

Hope this helps, and keep doing your awesome job.

Touaty Theo

Trainee within Ubisoft EMEA, web developer

INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccess.109273 USER '85835964@steam'

GAME ko.1116243218

Steps to Reproduce: At the beginning of the level, aim for the room above you and keep going up, you'll soon reach the dead end.

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