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[Gameplay] Running without interacting

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Running without interacting

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Basic interaction with objects

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Sorry, I really can't see a box with a version number at any point when i load up. I have the most recent beta version as of Dec 13th.

When I click to interact with an object, whether to cut a tree, mine a rock, or harvest a berry bush, the character just keeps running against the object without pause rather than ever actually doing the required action. If I try to click move him away he does not respond, and I have to WASD him away and try from another angle. This will often happen multiple times until I find an angle of approach the game likes.

Also, when I try to control movement by clicking, the character will often reach the point of ground I clicked on and then start spazzing out, running back and forth changing direction multiple times a second on that spot until I make him move again.

I don't seem to have permission to attach a video to this report, but I do have a .wlmp clip if that would help you.

I haven't seen anyone else with this fault on the forums, but I hope it gets fixed as it's really making the game unplayable for me right now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for making such a fun game.



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