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kotaku - "Forget everything you know about turn-based games

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obliviondoll    40

The last one, slowly but surely.


Again, you would know this better if you played the Alpha and Klei needs to better detail this in future polish updates. 


You may have noticed the way I marked the last part with "as the devs have said" to indicate that I already know which one it is.


My problem isn't that I don't know. My problem is that the explanation in-game doesn't tell you, and the most logical assumption for a new player to make would be that one of your agents was detected, NOT that Incognita was being traced.


Assuming it's Incognita being tracked makes more sense for how the game mechanics work, but with how the "your intrusion was detected" notification is phrased, it sounds more like the security system is tracking your agents. That makes it seem weird that the guards aren't on alert and already aggressively searching for you. It also doesn't fit with the alarm level constantly ramping up while your agents remain unseen.

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Harmor    14

Well I can meanwhile say I like the game as it is right now. Your explainations here that just need proper ingame writeups or whatever then finally give sense to this whole thing. And once you've finally wrapped your head around this instead of saying 'OMG THIS SUCKS ITS NOT HOW TURN BASED SHOULD WORK', aka what I did when I first played it, I believe everybody will enjoy this game that much more for what it is. After all, no one wants various developers to make the same game over and over again. 


So, really pumped for new gadgets and what have you in the next updates. On my wishlist right now would also be stuff like more diverse looks of levels (different color themes, different tilesets etc) as well as, rather important I'd think, fixing level creation as I ran into a level with one character remaining that I just couldn't finish (it's in another thread I started). 


The one and only worry I have remaning is the current story mode. 72 hour story compaign, even when it gets more write-ups etc down the line along with a third company you can infiltrate, is a bit meh - I think I remember reading it is a sort of placeholder for how it will work eventually - lets see I guess. But some added things like being able to purchase stuff on some sorta blackmarket outside of missions for example (for higher prices maybe than when you can use hacked terminals during a mission) would be nice, and the only way to get a third or fourth agent by getting them out of jail is also a tad one-dimensional imo. It works as it is ofc, but the more options you get as a player, the more replay value there is imo. 

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