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[General] - Unlimited Dart Gun Ammo

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chocobanh    1

Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Unlimited Dart Gun Ammo

Issue Description: Not really an issue, since it was really helpful. I placed Internationale on overwatch with a dart gun behind a door. Any guard that opens the door will get shot, but her dart gun will remain at 1/1 ammo. It was weird because every other time I use the dart gun and overwatch away from a door, her ammo would decrease.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.Give Internationale a dart gun.

2.Place Internationale here:




Such that I is Internationale, D is the door, G is where the guard would be, | is a wall, and X can be walls or nothing.

3.Close the door.

4.Place Internationale on Overwatch.

5.Wait for a guard to open the door.

6.She will shoot the guard, go to 3.

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