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[Crash] - Incognita-ing a Security Drone

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Nickster206    28

Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Incognita-ing a Security Drone

Issue Description: I was on Day 4 in Dubai in a heavily guarded mission. On turn 1, I open a door that I assumed I was completely safe from, however, I was quickly spotted by 3 police officers and a drone. Deckard, Banks, and Shalem were hidden from enemy site, however, Internationale was wide open. I attempted to close a door, at the cost of being shot. I soon realized what shot me was a security drone, so I immediately tried to hack it. Roughly 2 seconds after hacking the security drone, the game closes completely with no crash report. I can no longer access the save file as every time I select it and choose to continue, it closes again and again.

Steps to Reproduce: I assume you can collect enough information from the description. If you do, however, need more information, I would be happy to inform you to my best abilities.

As you know, I cannot open the save file anymore, so I cannot upload any screenshots of the incident.

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Wade    309

There is currently a known crash issue with hacking Drones. The issue should be addressed for the next update.

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