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[Exploit] - Sending KO-ed Guards Down / Up the Lift

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Sunswords    7

Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Sending KO-ed Guards Down / Up the Lift

Issue Description: This is actually both slightly exploit-ish as well as a crash bug, I'll submit a separate bug report later. You'll need to drag several guard bodies into the lift and send a team member out of the map.

Steps to Reproduce: So I dragged 3 guards into the lift (1 heavy armour, 2 normal security guards. I had my third team member S11 drop his the third body while Deckard and Banks stepped out to continue the mission.

Amazingly, the 3 guards disappeared, but S11 was still in the lift (with the drag body animation). The lift opened after 2 (or was it 3) turns later and I was free to go about the level, minus 3 guards.

So I reproduced the exact steps by dragging a 1 security guard into the lift, and attempted the send S11 out. This time S11 disappeared, but not the guard, who was now awake.

I tried a third time (it's really fun I admit): I dragged 3 more guards, 1 heavy, 2 normal, into the lift and attempted to escape with all my team members. Deckard didn't portal out (with drag body animation), and the game crashed.

Subsequent reloads to the save file were corrupted, restarting the map would give a black screen with no map. I haven't tried the option provided to go on to a different level.

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Wade    301

Oh, that's an interesting exploit, I don't think our designers thought about that.


I'll take a look and then let them know about the issue.


Thanks for the info!

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the truthseeker    1,560

Really, after 9/11 with us sending people to Black Sites (or at least the more friendly TV show, "The Blacklist") nobody thought about sticking the guards on the elevator?


I just didn't try it a third time (and apparently crash my game if I did.)  I think it did not count the guards/cleanup as killed. 

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