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Rabbits and Traps


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Not sure if this has been reported yet, but just to be safe...

There's a bug with the trap and rabbit (if you haven't guessed yet from the title). Here's the requirement to (hopefully) replicate the bug. 

1) Full Inventory. I didn't have a bag but I'm guessing you'll have to have it full as well. 
2) Trap set with a rabbit caught inside. 
3) Interact with the trap with a weapon equipped, I had a spear.

4) This one is difficult. Kill the rabbit that's "shivering/shaking" in fear so that the body drops under the trap again. 
BUG) The rabbit, though dead, is still considered alive by the trap. Before the body disappears, the trap will trigger, capturing the same rabbit again. Interacting with the trap will create a zombie rabbit that you can kill again for meat. 

This actually happened twice by accident. A single rabbit gave me three morsels. One after first kill, and two more when its body kept falling under the same trap, since my inventory is full. 

Hope this helps, love the game. Max is a jerk. 

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I think he means if you put the rabbit on the ground, you know it kinda looks like it's sleeping or something? That.


Then he kills it and as the body is getting ready to disappear the trap gets sprung and catches the "dead" rabbit but treats it as still being alive. That's the way I'm reading it anyway. I might be wrong.

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spencer320 got it right. Like I said I had a full inventory, so when checking the trap, both rabbit and trap dropped back to the ground. 

For a while the rabbit will stay in place (from the animation it looked like it was shivering in fear, to me anyways), if you actually push the rabbit to the trap and immediately kill it, you get the morsel while the trap will capture the same rabbit again. Checking said trap will yeald another live rabbit to which you can repeat. 

I played around with this and managed to get 6 morsels out of a single pair of rabbit and trap. Of course, every time the trap is sprung, it had reduced durability. So in the end I had to make more. 

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