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[Sound] [PS4] [Reign of Giants]


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RoG music and characters voices


-The new music for the Reign of Giants DLC has stopped playing at all, on any of my saves or new games.


-The sounds from character voices, goes in and out, only activating sometimes. Most of the time only the text pops up. 


Desidious Forest


-The roads going through this biome often cause screen shakes/vibration when walking along them. I have expierienced this in  three seperate worlds.


Thanks for your time, and the awesome game.



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Im using the default audio setting, the old music from the default version still plays. The screen shake/vibration is the road, only when Im walking on the path itself. Its only on roads going through the new forest biome, it cannot be monsters, its a lagging/glitching type of shake.  .

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