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Non HD Graphics

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So the graphics and everything else arent in HD? It looks like crap then.


Doesn't look like crap to me. Can you show a screenshot? My game graphics might be a bit different than yours.


Edit- If there is a problem with the way your game looks you might want to try redownloading the game. May or may not work.

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Hey Klei, my graphics aren't in HD. The player is, but everything else isn't in the game. I've uninstalled all my mods and everything. I don't know whats wrong with it :/


-Take_Galaxy on steam


Could you clarify what you mean by your graphics not being in HD? Are the HUD elements, characters, or environments blurry? Or are you having issues with your screen resolution? Could you provide us a screenshot of the issue that you're experiencing?


It will also be helpful to send us a copy of your DxDiag (if you're on PC) or a detailed list of your system specs plus your video card's specs. 

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