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[PS4][Audio] Hardly any sound from rear speakers with DD5.1 setup.


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First of all, Thanks for RoG for PS4. Loving it!


I just notice a difference with the surround sound between the PC version and the Console version.

When I watch Don't Starve video's from PC versions, you can clearly hear the rear/back speakers in a surround sound setup being used. Certain sound effects, and the music.


I have my PS4 connected to a Dolby Digital 5.1 receiver, and it indicates it receives a DD stream.

I notice there is not coming any 'active' sounds from the rear speaker (it does in other games)

What I wonder is, is there a different sound setup between the two versions. I have a feeling that for the PC version, the listening position is set to 'character' and on console more 'camera'. As there is sound coming from the rears on console, but its more like for effects like echo, reverb etc.. to 'enhance' the front speakers.


Is this as intended, or is it a bug?


To me, it is a shame. I am not used to hearing 'stereo', flat,  sound coming from games. (again, its not my setup. receiver light for DD is on, and I hear the effects in the rears, just no SFX or music or the likes) Surround sounds a lot beter in the PC version.








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  • Developer

Yes, when we originally created Don't Starve on PC, it was designed with only 2-channel stereo, instead of a full 5.1 surround sound setup. This audio was then used on the PS4 version when it was ported over.

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Thanks for the reply!


Is the sound on PC now using EAX/ Direct X for surround processing or something? As it was originally stereo to begin with. Why couldn't this be ported over to? (Of course not EAX/ DX but something similar) And are there any plans implementing it on the ps4 in the future?

Would be nice to hear at least virtual surround, you know, output the same stream from the front speakers to the rears. That way it would be less distracting having no sound from the back. Because to me, distracting it is. Last time I heard stereo sound was right before I bought my first surround setup, about 15 years ago..


But then again, I'm probably the only person who notices/ complains about this.

It's just such a perfect game, and full surround sound gives that much more immersion.






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