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[Gameplay] Glommer's Flower not expiring

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Glommer's Flower not expiring


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I had Glommer for a while, but it was attacked by Hounds and died, causing the flower I had for him to wilt and have an expiration background.  However, despite dropping it near my base for several days, it has not expired. I thought it would expire, and I would have to grab a new one at his statue.



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I would have to confirm with the designers, but I believe that you should be able to find another Glommer flower at the statue on the next full moon.


Okay, that is what I figured. And the old flower - is it supposed to expire (after a set duration) when Glommer dies?

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Yes, the flower should slowly wilt after Glommer dies. I believe it takes about 6 days for it to expire.


Okay, yes in my case (and maybe similar for TheKingofSquirrels), the flower has not wilted at all, and it's been well over 6 days.

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