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"could not find asset matching"

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I've never posted anything here before, but I need some help with getting my Don't Starve game to run... if this is the wrong forum for that I'm sorry.


When I try to play by clicking the icon a screen shows up saying: 


could not find asset matching anim/ in any of the search paths. LUA ERROR stack traceback:

           =[C] in function 'assert'


and also a few locations in my game files. I played it yesterday with no problems whatsoever, and I don't think I messed around with any of the files in the game.  


I would uninstall and reinstall, but I'd really rather not. If fixing it without doing that is at all possible I'd be grateful for the help. I have no mods installed either, if that makes a difference. And it is reign of giants version.

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Wade    309

Can you try verifying the integrity of your game cache in Properties and see if it fixes the issue?

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