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Cannot Install Don't Starve on Steam, Steam Freezes.

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So I recently bought Don't Starve, and when I went to install it, it downloaded completely, then said "First Time Installation Bullshit" "Configuring Directx" or whatever, so I waited patiently, and nothing happened. (a good 10+ mins)

Shut down Steam, restarted it.

Install again. Same thing, but it skips that step and goes to "ncgdirect" or whatever it is. THEN does nothing for another 10+ mins.

Shut down, Restart.

Same thing, back to Directx. Waiting, played Minesweeper for a good half an hour, if not more. Still nothing.

Right Click "Don't Starve" delete local game files, try again...

Now Steam freezes.

And not just "Freezes" but refuses to CTRL+ALT+DEL... just stays frozen, sometimes needing to wait a long amount of time, or restart computer.

Look online, nothing good comes up on how to fix it, but fixes for "Standalone Starve Alone" not the Steam kind.

Now whenever I try to get into Don't Starve it's not even a first time installation, just freezes Steam when I double click the game in my library... it still says "Install" on the main page, and the game is greyed out with no options to even download, or look at Local Game Files, etc.

Opened CS:GO to see if other games did it, Nope, only Don't Starve.

Wtf is going on... any help?

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