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Error: Module Crashed: NaCl module crashed

Steps to reproduce

Just try to run the game.

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I've played the game first on my laptop and everything worked fine. Now on my desktop, I can't load the game.
I'm running on Windows 7 pro 64 bits on both computers. All drivers are updated.
When i'm looking at the console of chrome, i'm getting this :

[19:01.01.547710]: TEX Resource data/levels/textures/mini_forest_noise.tex loaded in 0.16ms util.js:16[19:01.01.547930]: TEX Resource data/levels/textures/mini_dirt_noise.tex loaded in 0.13ms util.js:16[19:01.01.548210]: TEX Resource data/levels/textures/mini_woodfloor_noise.tex loaded in 0.21ms util.js:16[19:01.01.560000]: Reset() returning util.js:16[19:01.01.560090]: GameThread::InitializeOffMainThread() Completed util.js:167 0020F206: GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_ENUM : glCompressedTexImage2D: internal_format was GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT5_EXT[19:01.01.560330]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate Complete. util.js:16[19:01.01.756740]: ERROR: HWTexture::DeserializeTexture failed on data/images/circle.tex. glGetError returned 0x500 util.js:16[19:01.01.756830]: ERROR: BeginFrame failed! Exiting. util.js:16NativeClient: NaCl module crashedStatus: NaCl CRASHED: Last error: NaCl module crashed while @GameThread::Initialize() complete:Loading util.js:16NaCl CRASHED: Last error: NaCl module crashed while @GameThread::Initialize() complete:Loading
Looks like there is a bad compression somewhere...
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