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[Exploit] Infinite torch durability.


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Infinite torch durability.

Steps to reproduce

Just keep equipping and unequipping the torch over and over again, as long as you don't hold it for more than 2 seconds at a time the durability will stay the same.

Describe your issue

If you use the WASD keys to move and use the mouse to keep equipping and unequipping the torch, the durability will stay the same on the torch so you can keep the same torch forever. You can then use the space bar to forage nearby items and effectively keep working in the night as if it were day so it makes the pyromaniac chick kinda pointless. I often find myself using this exploit for the first few days because it's really helpful to scout for a place to make camp and forage the land for precious resources during the night.

Make the torch loose a durability point as
as you equip it.


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They could also do something similar to what they do with golden axes and stuff. After hitting 3 trees you go down 1 durability. Maybe they can just count how much time the torch has been on and calculate how much it should cost and just take that off of it (even if its not a full %, it can still take it off behind the scenes)

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