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How to raise a Tallbird?

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vadjok88    14

Hey, guys! ;)

Anyone can help me to figure out how to raise a tallbird?

I tried putting eggs close to fire till they crack and then took them away from fire - they seem to bounce, but nothing else happens - when the baby coming? :D

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qwerm    18

gotta keep them at a decent distance from the fire at night and only under direct sunlight during the day; if the egg is red and sweating, it's too hot, and if it's white and shivering, it's too cold. Be sure to adjust accordingly. keep the egg in a state where it is rocking back and forth for at least 2 ingame days( this time only accumulates WHILE it's rocking), and the egg will hatch.

doesn't appear to be a mechanic for smallbird maturation just yet, had a guy on the forums keep his alive for quite a while so far and nada yet.

Also, be sure to make use of the search function for the forum to help consolidate topics as much as possible, it helps us all learn faster.

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This info might be useful:

To hatch the smallbird:

You simply have to maintain it in the hatching state [rocks back and forth and blue colored] for 3(?) full days.

During the day you can simply leave it out in the sun, although take care not to drop it near pigs or they'll eat it.

At night build a small fire near it, if it starts glowing red, it's too close and will cook, if it's white and shivering, it's too cold and and needs to be closer to the fire.

You can pick up the egg and move it anytime.

Also, you can't feed it anything as far as I can tell and they fall asleep at night time, so it sort of restricts your adventuring at night time.

P.S. I accidentally lost one of my smallbirds to my damn bees while harvesting the bee box, :(

Oh, and please, please vadjok88 keep up the Pigmen vs. Spiders experiment! :D

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