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[Gameplay] Pigs turning into monsters for no reason


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Pigs turning into monsters for no reason

Steps to reproduce

Made camp in the pig village, planted saplings,grass and berry bushes went fine for days until i started to go to get poop the second time.I returned from poop hunting almost starving it was night time when i started the camp fire and activated my kettle, and noticed that the pigs where all sleeping out side their homes.Then they turned and killed me in 3 seconds.

Describe your issue

Well i had made a camp in the pig village in the center cause i thought it would be a great idea to settle down near some friendly creatures.I had gathered everything i would need and returned from my poop hunting and barley made it back before dark.I started making food in the kettle and started up my camp fire when i noticed all the pigs sleeping out side...Huh went through my mind then they all turned into monsters and had me for dinner cause its night time and you can't run away from them also you can't fight them either to many.

I lost my progress because of this and it better be a bug cause if not then its pretty lame idea to randomly turn all the pigs into monsters is not cool at all. Also i don't see any kind of number that state what version i got just that there are seven days until next patch. I believe the new updated screwed up the pigs.


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Aye, it's not random - pigs turn into WERE-pigs for two reasons: the moon is full, or they eat (either by picking it up off the ground of you force-feeding them) at least 3 pieces of monster meat.

.....of course, letting a psycho were-pig loose in certain areas can be, shall we say, useful at times, too......

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