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[Exploit] Massive Amounts of Poop Piling Up


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Massive Amounts of Poop Piling Up

Steps to reproduce

(Naughty/Nice Build)

- Gathered a bunch of manure

- Fertilized some crops with the manure (3 Turbo Farm Plots placed side by side on the outskirts of the Beefalo area)

- Stayed there for a while building up a supply of food from crops

- Ventured back to a different biome to collect grass

- Found a stack of 25+ manure I could just re-gather

Describe your issue

(Naughty/Nice Build)

As stated in the steps. I found my way to the Beefalo biome and collected some manure.

Then, I placed some Turbo Farm Plots on the outskirts of the Beefalo area (same 'island') and started making a little farm.

I placed 3 Turbo Farm Plots side by side with 2 chests and a crock pot nearby.

I used manure collected from the area to fertilize the seeds I had collected a bunch of times.

Then, I eventually wanted to go get additional supplies not found so abundantly in that area and found a huge pile of poo (27 I believe) located 3 biomes away just sitting in a field. This seemed to be about amount of manure I used to fertilize. I was able to then gather it all again and reuse it...again and again.

I guess something could have just taken the biggest of poops over and over...

(I had photos of my farm plot, where it is one the map, where I found the large pile of poop on the map, and a photo of it...but I am not authorized to attach them for you.)


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