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Crash Bug

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Bug Submission

Please choose a category: [Crash]


Platform: Steam


Do you use mods? No (Only the expansion, which is set to off).

Version Number:



Issue Title: Crash-level bug.


Steps to reproduce:
 Have not tried a second reproduction. I used a custom setup (saved as preset and applied). The first time I have used the strongman character (ever). I have unlocked: pyro girl, girl with sister, the strongman (who isn’t very strong), also the robot. I don’t know if this will re-occur. I would attach my safe file, but cannot. R&G is owned, and was set to off. I can reload the game (which had saved while being created), and the crash happens repeatedly with the same screen. Settings in order, top to bottom, columns left to right:


1.    Med, Least, Always, Long, VShort, VLong, Long

2.    Random, Only Day, Yes, Less, Less, Lots, Less

3.    Less, More, More, More, More, More, More

4.    More, More, More, More, Lots, More More

5.    Default, Default, More, Less, Less, Less, Less

6.    Default, Default, Less, More, Less, More, Default

7.    Less, Less, Default, More, More, Less, Less

8.    Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Default

9.    Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Less

10.  Less


Describe your issue:
 This bug (as per the image posted above) occurred at world-creation using the strong-man for the first time (unlocks listed in steps to reproduce). Here is a screenshot of the crash (version number pasted over the word "warning" intentionally):



Running in Win7x64HP on an HP Pavilion G6 consumer laptop.

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Updated information: This is 100% repeatable.
Some information that also may help: I am running it in administrator mode. All drivers etc up-to-date.

Character's owned by proper names:
The Gentleman Scientist

The Firestarter (this was the most recently played character prior to starting this crash)

The Strongman (this was the character on which the crash occurred first)

The Bereaved

The Soulless Automaton

Occurs with all other characters (listed above) owned at this time. Same writeup. 100% repeat rate.

Possibly something to do with the world creation? I was able to use it (on the main character (The Gentleman Scientist) but had not used that preset since.

Using basic preset, the crash does not occur.
Did not occur creating a new custom preset with different parameters.

And I'm way too tired to run this and save a NEW setup custom setup with the parameters posted above (in the primary post) ^_~
I am sure the paid testers will want something to do!

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  • Developer

I'll pass along this information to our designers to look at, as we thought we had this issue fixed.


I'm unable to get the issue to occur myself when using your posted World Gen settings, but I'll take another look.

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