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[Graphics] Crafting tool tip always on top?

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seongjun    10

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Crafting tool tip always on top?

Steps to reproduce

*Note*: For this particular one I am not sure how to reproduce it. Could potentially be a one off scenario.

1. Go to craftable items.

2. Immediately left click to created an item.

3. Attempt to scroll to other items and realize the tool tip for the item you had created won't budge and remains always on top.

Describe your issue

I was cycling through my craftable items I looked at the rope before trying to get to wooden planks. Although in my impaitence I prematurely clicked to create some rope instead. It wasn't such a big problem so I tried to scroll down to the item I wanted, but then saw that the tool tip would not go away for the first item on the craftable list. This continues for all other item lists as well.

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