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[Exploit] Birds freezing in flight


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Birds freezing in flight

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Playing game normally, near my "base" where i had a cluster of trees, some saplings, and berry bushes. Or whilst adventuring about the world.

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Often when i am playing the game, birds will freeze in flight, allowing me to kill them with any tools. They usually were about to land on seeds, or just on the ground, they weren't just flying around. when they were frozen i could walk up to them and kill them, however when i would kill one of them, the others around it (also frozen) would panic and fly away (now unfrozen). So i guess they weren't crashing? they would freeze, when descending, but still fly away after i killed one near it. not a huge bug, but it ruins the birds as i no longer need to use a trap to catch them, and makes the game a lot easier when searching for food. This bug started after the latest update, on the 9th i believe? Thanks guys!

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I have seen this issue as well when playing on steam. I only saw this bug once however it is as described above. Birds would fly down attempting to land on seeds and get stuck before they touched the ground. The bird's flying animation would continue however their position wouldn't change. Birds would occasionally not be bugged; landing on the seeds then taking off due to my proximity to the bird. The stuck bird would persist until killed or alerted by the kill of a nearby bird. I don't know the spawning habits of birds however the 'stuck' birds wouldn't prevent other birds from spawning on top them. Through the bug I saw as many as three birds of both red and purple stuck on top of the seeds. They were killable and yielded what a normal killed bird would yield except the animation for the items would not originate from the body. The items from the birds would instead simply appear on the ground without any 'dropping' animation. Bug occurred with the latest update before 12/12/12 12:36AM. Mountain Standard Time when I noticed the bug. I'm sure you will find a solution Soon. Thank you.:D

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