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[Gameplay] Birds Stuck Mid Air

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Birds Stuck Mid Air

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walking around trying to pick up seeds and other items off the ground by a pig village.

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As the black and red birds try to land to pick up or drop seeds they stop and appear to be flying just above the ground for extremly long periods of time about a minute or more. You can kill them and recive the items to make it go away. I don't know if this is supposed to happen or some kind of lag glitch.

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Noticing the same issue with the birds since the latest update. It appears approximately 50% of the time, when the birds attempt to land near other objects, (trees, chests, etc), they will be stuck in mid air for a variable amount of time before landing. The birds will also get stuck in an open area as well, but at an apparent lower frequency.

*Edit* Will add that the game map was created before the last update and issue noticed since last update. Unknown if a newly created game would eliminate issue. *

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