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The Story of Wilson P. Higgsbury (as thought by Crapplejacks)

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Crapplejacks    97

I was bored today, so I thought this up.


In the year 1898, a boy by the name of Wilson Percival Higgsbury was born to Nathaniel Higgsbury and Leota Higgsbury. They were a small family that lived inland of Maine, and they made a living restoring buildings. One day, when Wilson was four,Nathaniel found work restoring a hospital that was used to care for soldiers in the Civil War. It was a big enough job t hat, if done correctly, would earn the Higgsbury's enough money to move West, in hopes of better dreams. However, it was not known that many of the hospital apparatus was just left there after the war,  collecting dust and allowing the bacteria to spawn in the damp wastes. One day, while working with Leota, Nathaniel fell ill. Leota, in trying to care for him, fell ill too. Leota was the first to go. Deeply saddened by loss of his mother, Wilson tried to sleep off his sorrow. When he awoke, he saw his father turned purple, and was fidgeting uncontrollably, Wilson ran as fast as he could to the local clinic, and told him there was an emergency at the Higgsbury household. It was too late. Nathaniel died before the Doctor even got a chance to look at him. Child Services moved Wilson, now the age of five, to Miss Wickerbottom's Orphanage and Private Learnatorium. Being a child who spent most of his time alone, Wilson never acquired the skills for social interaction. Heart broken by the loss of his parents,  He made it his mission to discover what they were infected by, and cure it, so no one could suffer as he did. The other children didn't understand why he would spend his recesses gathering leaves, and smashing rocks together or why during science, he'd write everything down three times. As Wilson grew older, the children around him grew meaner. They would mock him, break his stuff, burn his research, and do other strange things to him because he was odd.Wilson was on the brink of collapsing when Miss Wickerbottom approached him.

"Wilson, dear, what's wrong?" she asked. Wilson broke down, sobbing.

 "No one understands me!" he yelled.

Wickerbottom nodded. "Dear, you know you have been like a son to me. Wilson, you are destined for great things, and you need to know that you will face obstacles, but it is your duty to overcome them.

Wilson looked up at Miss Wickerbottom. "Thank you", he replied. Wilson then stood up, and decided he wouldn't let himself give up.




It is now 1920, and Wilson has found a property in North Minnesota, away from the public that mocks him. He sent out a letter to Wickerbottom, who has become like his mother, to come out and join him. He listed in the letter that he is failing, and he needs advice. At this point, the Forbidden Knowledge trailer comes in. Wickerbottom makes it out there,after Wilson disappeared. She is brought into the world after she pulls the lever.



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