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"Warning!" - Need Help

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 (See Attatched Photo cuz I'm not sure)
Issue title
 Warning on new game startup and previous game startup with Reign of Giants enabled.
Steps to reproduce
 In the previous game I played (without Reign of Giants DLC) I got to Day 201. I then turned on creative mode with the debug console and made ancient walls and got kicked for not having enough space. I took that as meaning that i didn't have enough RAM allocated to the game so I reallocated 2 more GB to Don't Starve, but the error continued to show, so I got my player killed so I could start again. I created a new world (WITH Reign of Giants DLC enabled), and I then received the error in the attachment. The game was forced to close, but the world was created and when I tried to play the newly created world, I recied the exact same Warning Error code.
Describe your issue
 I am currently unable to play Don't Starve on Steam because of this error. I have it set to automatically update the game on startup or when the computer is Idle. I'm not educated in the Lua language so I don't understand what the details of the error entail. 


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Wade    309

I have the designers currently looking into this issue, and we should hopefully have it addressed soon.

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