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[Suggestion] Together Ability: Slap

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Theel    3

Multiplayer Ability:

  • Slap - An ability to slap a friend if they've gone insane to give them a few more moments to recover.  This could be for good laughs.  Has a cool down on a victim.  You can only slap someone who has gone insane.

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I love this idea. The characters would all have little sentences attached to it too. Like, Wilson would say "Snap out of it!" or Wolfgang would say something like "Get a hold of yourself!"


There should be multiple of these types of things.


- Back pat - The ability to thank or congratulate another player, giving them a small sanity increase for thirty seconds (can only be done once a day)


Hair ruffle - A playful ability that has no min-maxing purpose other than being cute with others.


Dance - Celebrate a victory (boosts max health by 5 for one minute)

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