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[Graphics] Character gets 'stuck' flashing between two points


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Character gets 'stuck' flashing between two points

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Seems to happen when performing any action, though I believe I noticed it happening when just walking.

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Started happening after the Naughty and Nice update. Character will begin strobing between to places, about an inch apart. It'll go on for a few seconds, and when it starts, I can't make the character perform any other actions.

I've yet to be able to tell whether forcing the character into a new action solves it, or it goes away on its own...

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I'm having the same issue. When the character walks to a spot he flips back and forth for a few seconds. This also happens if I try to harvest items or research something, he will walk right next to whatever he is interacting with and flop back and forth, doing nothing.

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Me too, and my bees have the same problem.

When they fly to a flower, they flash left and right of the flower for a while until they can act with it.

Will have a look if other npc have the same problem and post my results here in the case I am fast enough.


Yep, rabbits too, as Soon as they want to vanish in their holes. Not all of them but often they flash in front of the hole for a while before entering.

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