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[Feedback] New map in updated version (color scheme)

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Sharza    10


I find the new map to be a lot better than the old one when it comes to "readability".

I am a bit surprised about the choice in color though. Now I know you have probably made the choice for the reason I like and posted first but I also find it looks a bit weird.

It looks weird because it is kind of bright in places, which doesn't suit the darker theme of the game so well. Maybe you could consider toning those brights down a bit. May just be a question of taste though.


- the new map is more readable/better

- the color is too bright

- maybe it's just my taste

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

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mobius187    30

I know I'm one of the people who asked for the biomes to be colored and more noticeable. I definitely like the new map, but maybe the Devs could test out a few different color palettes. A lighter tone might be better.

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