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Captain of the Slow Art Train [requests open]

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osmRhodey    1472

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hello, my dear friends!~♪

Long time no see, eh? I have been so massively busy, my apologies! Life just seems to do that.
I hope all have been well. If you would ever like to keep up with me I do have a twitter! I will be updating that more frequently as well as going back to tumblr and making an actual art blog. [wow amazing]

Anyways! Art for all you lovely people! Please feel free to hmu with any ideas you might have for me to draw, write, etc.



[the DSTG twitter confirmed that Eets was actually Charlie this whole time!]Eets-charlie.png

[drawpile session with @DextersComicLaboratory & @TrellyDawn]trell-propose to forest stalker.png

[woodie blog's new profile picture cuz atrium and all lololol]

[sad under cut]





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