WARNING: This tutorial is a work in progress. It has been posted here to help get some feedback from people on adding new custom animations. Use at your own risk.   This tutorial will show you how to add a custom idle animation that will work with with any character in the game.    This tutorial requires the following: - The PC Public Preview version of the Don't Starve Steam Workshop Mod Tools - The sample animation mod which can be found here.   1. The first step is to launch Spriter from the Don't Starve Mod Tools in Steam.   2. Now open the 'sample_animation.scml' file in the 'mods/sample_animation' folder.   3. You can now animate the character. Make sure not to change the default pivots.   4. Now save your changes.   5. Start the game. You should now see your new animation play whenever the character is idle.   Happy modding!