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More attacks for Deerclops.

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Soopakoopa    72

   So far, the only changes to Deerclops made for RoG is a freezing effect on his

attack and a fancy special effect. However, he's still a bit of a misfit and a bit of a wimp

(most of the other bosses can defeat him easily) in that he's the only boss with

only one attack! Here are some ideas for more attacks.



First of all, Reworked smash.


The smash attack should be buffed and made more powerful, but without the

freezing effect. However, instead of hitting targets all around him, it can only hit

targets which are more or less in front of him. It would deal significantly more damage

than his current smash in exchange for much less area of effects.



Ice Breath


Ice breath is an attack that would hit all foes in a straight line in front of

him, over a range of about 10 turf squares. It would deal only 10 damage, but

freezes enemies on hit.



Antler Sweep


Essentially the same thing as his non-ROG attack but with a

different animation. He only uses this attack if there are 4 or more

targets engaging him at the same time.



Megaton Glacier


The windup animation is like the smash windup, but longer and he lets out

a deeper and louder roar. When he hits the ground, it spawns a huge wall of ice

moving in the direction of his main target. It pushes them along for a distance of

about 10 turf squares, destroying everything in its bath and dealing a whopping

500 damage (300 damage to players), leaving them temporarily dazed at the end.

it's so powerful, in fact, that any non-boss creatures will run away as soon as

he starts charging it! This attack is very rarely used, and is easy to dodge, but

you'd better hope like heck you can dodge it!



Maybe some wouldn't be used, maybe some would be tweaked, maybe this

idea won't be used at all. Still, seriously. Deerclops isn't scary enough anymore.



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Barbarian    32

Those are all good suggestions, but I like having one boss that's a bit easier - no reason they should all be the same difficulty.  I just had Deerclops and then Goose Moose 2 days later, and I was only just recovered from the Deerclops fight.

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