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Save file won't load - Lua stack traceback error

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Category - Crash

Platform - Steam

Mods - Yes: I believe at the time the save was created, I had always on status, storm cellar, auto equip, crock pot helper, and relaxed crafting.

Version number - log file says "102572 , build date 2014-05-24_14-22-51"
Issue - Upon attempting to load save, warning/error pops up and I can't see the gameplay screen. I then hit "exit to title" and the game crashes.

Steps to reproduce - load save...
Other - In addition to the mods, I had spawned a few items from console not too long before the last save. Is there any chance this save can be recovered? Log file and save data (had to rename file extension to ".txt" to upload) attached. Thanks for the help!




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Looks like one of the mods messed up the savedata. More precisely, it set the stack size for Rot incorrectly, as a string (denoting a percentage, for some reason).

I fixed the save for you (it's inside the zip), but you might want to contact the mod creators so they can fix the mod (whichever one was the culprit), otherwise this might happen again. All I can say is Always On Status is not to blame, but I don't have the others installed to say anything about them.


(the character you're playing as is not stored in the main save file, so if you're not playing as Wilson don't worry, I didn't change the character, you'll keep playing with the character you were playing before)

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I can't thank you enough!! I've been sitting on this busted save for months before I found this area to post it, I'm so glad I'll be able to get back to this save game! Most of the mods I had on at the time are now out of date, but I'll see if I can figure out which might've done it. Thanks again!

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