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[Gameplay] Birds Stuck in Mid-Air


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Birds Stuck in Mid-Air

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During normal game play when a bird flies onto the screen it gets "stuck" flapping it's wings in mid-air. You can attack it without fear of it flying away. Sometimes after a few seconds it will fall to the ground in a standing position, most of the time though it will just stay in the air.

Since the most recent update I have been having several performance issues and am not sure if this problem is because of the performance issues or a general bug.

Other things include not being able to interact with an object. For instance when going to pick a bush or chop a tree, character just walks in place at the object but does not interact. This does not happen every time, but it does happen quite often.

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Confirming the bird "flapping" issue - since today's "naughty & nice" update, the Red Birds and Crows will quite often but not always be slow to land and get rather stuck just before actually landing, thus they are flapping their wings about an inch (relative in-game, not realistic) off the ground and are still considered flying towards landing. If you wander around them long enough they will eventually "catch" the ground and land and return to normal, but you can otherwise get quite lucky and just walk up and smack them most of the time when this happens.

.....it's really quite hilarious :D

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Add me to this list. Only happening since the 12/11 update. In addition, when picking up traps the rabbit inside is placed into your hand alive. You can place it on the ground and it just sits there and doesn't move. You can attack it and kill it at that point.

Running from Steam.

Windows 7

Windowed Mode

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Seymour, if you watch the teaser video for the update, you'll notice that catching live rabbits (and birds) is an intentional part of the update. What you're supposed to *do* with the rabbits aside from letting them loose or slaughtering them is entirely unclear at this point, however, lol...

The birds on the other hand you can build a cage for and... look at?

(along with the whole "naughty & nice" aspect of Krampus coming after you for slaughtering little animals too much, from what I hear)


Here's an update and subsequent question for everyone experiencing this: I was playing on a world map that had been generated by the game version prior to the 12/11 update, and tonight when I decided I was bored with that map and wanted a new one the birds seem to be behaving normally and not having any problems landing...

How about everyone else? When was your world map last generated, before or after the 12/11 update? Are the birds displaying the glitch on a map from prior to 12/11 or is it still happening on a map generated post 12/11?

Bah, scratch that, took a good hour of running the new map for it to start happening again, but it's still there. Still, interesting to note that it is temporarily relieved by generating a new map, then gradually increases in frequency the longer the map is left in play.

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after 12/11 and while playing with Cheat engine I notice if I increasing the game speed, the birds stuck more often and my charecter as well when walking and doing actions like adding fuel

try making your delta time bigger per frame or using cheat engines speed hack to reproduce

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