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Bug in the caves.

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Gudinito    45

I dont know what happened. But when i get crazy in the caves the shadows come to me, i leave the caves and when i come again they are there triying to kill me, it does not matter if you are sane or not, they always atack.


When i come back to the cave, 4 shadows starts to follow me.

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BurningBalls    27

Yeah, the cave is locked in the same "state" it is when you left it.

Really silly. Some Bunnymen who were chasing me for carrying monster meat, they were still there when I went back to the caves several in-game weeks later.

Does anyone believe that Bunnymen would be waiting near the entrance for several weeks, waiting for me to come back so they could punish me for carrying monster meat back then?

It doesn't make sense, and I hope they fix it to be more in line with the basic logic of the Don't Starve universe.

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