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[Performance] Game won't run.

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  • Chrome

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Game won't run.

Steps to reproduce

1. I got the app for Google Chrome.

2. I went to the site (The app itself).

3. Game Loaded and I clicked "Play Demo"

4. I played the demo (till the time limit was up).

5. After demo was finished I x'd out of the tab.

6. After a bit, I went to the site and it didn't work (I tried the app and the site).

Describe your issue

I've played the demo and it was fun so I decided to buy the game, but when I tried running the game again, it wouldn't run, I just get to the "Don't Starve" screen with the version number at the bottom. It won't load at all and I'm wondering why. I do have steam, but I didn't purchase it from steam (an oversight on my part). I'm not sure if this is from something, but I'm getting a bit anxious since I redeemed a key already.



Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz

6.00 GB RAM

64-bit Operating System

I'm not sure if I need to put down anything else in terms of what the specs of my computer are, if there are any others, please tell me.

This would be the specific site I get redirected to since I do see a site redirecting me just before this one (I'm also not sure if it's a crash or not). I would submit an image, but I don't have permission as it tells me under "Attachments"

I have tried restarting my computer, it didn't work. Should I do "Inspect Element" or something? I'm not really a computer expert

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100100101    10

I think I fixed it for now, but I cannot tell if it'll keep working or not. I had to check every box I could under "Clear browser data" and log back in on every site I regularly go to. It asked for login and such if that's normal.

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