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[Graphics] Triple monitor error


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Triple monitor error

Steps to reproduce

1. Launch game.

2. Go to settings.

3. Set the client to full screen.

Describe your issue

I have three monitors with NVidia surround. I only want to play the game fullscreen on my center monitor, when changing the settings to fullscreen the window will move to the far left monitor and be the size of a small window. Doing this and turning the screen resolution of the game to 5960x1080 will move all of the ui to the appropriate places but invisible. The client acts as though it is full screen but shows it as a tiny window in the upper left corner.
Notice how it shrinks and goes to the far upper left part of my left monitor. This is very annoying.

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You need to make sure the center monitor is set as Monitor 1. (this will cause aesthetic problems for you, as your start menu will display on the center one, rather than the left one.)

Also, the game isn't actually full screen when in full screen, even on a single monitor setup. If you've ever played Skyrim with Simple Border-less Window, you'll know what I mean.

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