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Mid-Game End Game Suggestions?

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superadrl    10

I was reading that you guys were working on mid-game and end-game challenges to make the game more exciting and less boring through an easy story.

It might just be a silly idea but it might work. Maybe for a mid-game end-game suggestion there should be end of the world areas to travel where it is very difficult to live, very low resources, and lots of dangerous monsters and challenges. But with this also comes rewards through the game that you would never be able to get anywhere else. I really do not know what would be there, I am not that creative but I just thought the idea sounds nice.

It would actually be really cool if you had to complete certain tasks in order to continue exploring, like maybe there is a bridge from island to island and you had to fix the bridge to continue. Things like constant exploring to new islands and areas with different challenges and giving people tasks to accomplish in order to satisfy their curiosity at the same time rewards it would definitely make the game have a lot more hours of play to it.


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