Known Issues : Live Edition

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Current Version Beta 0.1

  • IMPORTANT: Game is loading all assets at mod load, it is highly advised to use MemSpikeFix with HitD to prevent outofmemory errors.
  • rpghud barebones versions are no longer compatible, and they are made obsolete by the changes in the mod, all other rpghud versions should work fine.
  • armors, shields and amulets are using same override symbols, meaning if you equip more than one only the last symbol will stick, they are replacing each other. It is just a graphical 'glitch' and all will be in effect still. Not much we can do about it without klei allowing us to make deeper changes to the animations.
  • there are some cases of hound wave spawned mobs losing aggro, the mechanics will be changed at future date
  • spellbook interface doesn't work with controllers - you can however use mod configuration to turn it off, therefore using the base game crafting interface instead. Aside from it being clumsy and hard to navigate with large amount of spells, the capabilities of both are effectively the same
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