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The Hero Team

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kraken121    400

List of people on the team:



@Kraken121  (lead design, founder and other stuff)

@DeathDisciple   (the coding Guru)


Artwork:(need more artists for icons/characters/monsters/items)

@ soul (Druid,Paladin)

EmielRegis (Barbarian)


@Scalepelexis   (so much! An awesome artist, animator and all around nice guy)  ;) )


@bmknauff ( (Orcs and Orc stuff)

@Vivalavie (is an art machine ;) , the cleric, the gnome, the bard, the necromancer, the wizard, the spell books, and a bunch of minerals, machines, rocks, weapons, armors)


Concept Art










Text: Still looking for one or two people for text

Testing: @julz1981 (wrestles the code and wins, a true Barbarian! )


Wiki:  @orian34 (King spider of the wiki)


( I am looking for 1 or 2 testers to test pre-release versions of the mod)


(If you are interested in joining our team, please take the time to consider if you have enough time to contribute, we have put hours and hours into the coding, art, animation etc and we are very far ahead "code wise", so please take time to consider joining and not just ask me on a whim. Whether it is art, code, text or play testing, this takes many hours. So please don't waste our time.)

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