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thx for reply, your mod forced me to try to play rogue-like games :-).

actually i found Tome4 and his mechanic is pretty interesting.

yeah, TOME is a great game, not exactly my favorite but it's a good one :)


We should have our next update up soon, a little slow on coding the past month or two :(

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i didn't played d&d and maybe i am wrong, but isn't it was depend on randomness? I am talk about "throw a dice" game


Traditional D&D was not very random in most aspects except maybe the roll of the dice to determine if a weapon or a spell succeeded, and even then it wasn't totally random because you had a base chance to hit and then for example the enemies armor class was taken into account. Which basically meant something like if you had +22 hit, and the enemy had +24 ac (or was it -24? whatever), you only had to roll a 3 or better to hit (i.e. +22 hit + 3 = 25, 25 succeeds on -24 ac). So some randomness but not really that random. Don't quote me on the numbers because I'm probably remembering some of it wrong ;oP, been like 33 years since I played real D&D. But many computer rpgs have used D&D rules, for example Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights series.


When you think randomness and RPG combined you get rogue-like games. TOME is an example of a rogue-like, so is Brogue, Angband, Dungeons of Dredmor etc...and those games use randomly generated levels but still use a to-hit and AC system similar to D&D. TOME is somewhat unique in that it has a set world map, but once you enter a specific location it's own randomly generated map is created.


@Kraken121 - So glad to hear you are still working on the mod. Took a long break from playing Don't Starve, and now I am playing again and the first thing I wanted to find out was if HitD had been updated! This will be the best DS mod for sure once it is all finished up and polished, keep it going! Thanks.

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Quick question: is HitD compatible with RPG Hud mod? How about RPG items?

I don't see why you would want to use RPG hud with HitD as there all you need in the mod already, and for RPG items, i think it works, not sure, but it shouldn't do any crash

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