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What is Hero in the Dark?


Hero in the Dark is a mod collaboration project for Don't Starve that focuses on incorporating traditional fantasy elements and lore while retaining the artistic style and the survive or die elements of Don’t Starve. A large focus of the lore and design of the mod will be from D&D and other games/books within the genre.  Barbarians, shadow knights, druids, Necromancers etc etc


How do I get Hero in the Dark?


You can find the latest upload here


Please remember to follow and vote for the mod.


What does this mod add? (not all of this is in the mod yet)


Hero in the Dark adds things on ALL levels of the game, from xp levels, multi level dungeons, quests, many items and legendary items, new resources, many spells, 12 character classes, a naming convention, many new monsters, new turfs, special abilities etc


How is the combat system different in “Hero in the Dark”?


Basically we rewrote the entire combat system, we added many different damage types(more will be added in over time)


  1. Physical damage – This is the basic damage that is done by blunt force.

    Example: When you attack with a spear it will be Physical damage.

  2. Fire damage – This is damage done by fire based weapons, fire, magic etc Example: when a fireball hits you it will do fire damage.

  3. Cold damage – This is damage done by cold based weapons, magic etc Example: The ice storm spell will do cold damage and physical damage to you.

  4. Electrical damage – This is damage done by electricity. Example: If a lightning bolt hits you it will do electrical damage.

  5. Poison damage – This is damage done by poison attacks, magic etc Example: If a poison spider bites you, it will do physical damage to you and you will get poisoned, which will then do poison damage to you over a set amount of time.

  6. Holy damage – This is damage done by holy magic, weapons etc Example: The Clerics Call Deity spell will do holy damage to the target.

  7. Force damage – This is damage done usually by force based magic Example: If the Wizard casts the Magic Missile spell, the damage will be force damage.

  8. Death damage – This is damage done by death attacks, spells etc Example: certain undead might attack you and you will take death damage instead of physical damage.


So here is a combat example: Lets say you are fighting a goblin that is wearing a football helmet and wood armor. You attack the goblin using a spear, the spear does physical damage ONLY so the damage will go through the wooden armor then the helmet and the remainder will be taken off the goblins total HP.


Now lets say you attack the same goblin with a magic missile spell. The magic missile is force damage and the wooden armor / football helmet have no force damage resistance, so the magic missile will bypass the wooden armor and the football helmet and directly damage the goblins HP.


I have a suggestion, how do I give you a suggestion?


Suggestions should be posted here


I want to help out, how do I join the team?


To be honest, we will be very selective when letting new people join the team. We will take into consideration your forum behavior, etiquette, other projects your are involved in and contributions. You are more than welcome to post in the suggestions thread If you are interested in joining the team. We always need more artists ;)


How many items does this mod have?


The current planned amount of items is HUGE, I will create an items thread soon.


How much magic do you have planned for the mod?


We have over 100+ spells and effects planned for this mod, I will make a magic thread soon.


How many monsters do you have planned for the mod?


Again, a very large list, I will make a monsters thread soon.


When will this mod be finished?


We are currently in a kinda alpha stage, we just wanted to get the mod out there for everyone to enjoy while we continue to add more and more into the mod. So, it will be awhile until it is finished.

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