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[Gameplay] Random death?!?

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Random death?!?

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it does not always happen but if your on day 7, health is not full (but not empty, at that time it was about half) and your hunger is not full (again not entirely empty) and you eat ( It was cooked monster meat the second time but im not positive about the first) you might just die out of random

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The first time, it was night (roaring fire in fire pit), playing as wilson, not fully starved (half way maybe), not full health (slightly down not by much) nothing was attacking, day seven, started to eat (dont remember what) and my health just dropped to zero then i died

Second time, it was day, playing as willow,not fully starved but half way, half health, finnished killing some spiders for silk (all spiders were dead), day 7, started to eat cooked monster meat and my health dropped to zero then i died.

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Eating monster meat (cooked or raw) will damage you.

In fact, eating it raw gives you +25 hunger and -5 health, whereas cooked monster meat gives you +33 hunger and -33 health, so if you are eating it on it's own, it's probably better to eat it raw.

What you can do is eat it raw with roasted seeds. When eating the two, you get +41 hunger and -1 health (As roasted seeds give you + 4 health)

You can also make a crock pot, and combine four monster meats to make a meaty stew.

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Yeah, I found this out the hard way too. It's as Lord Willburger said. It's kinda silly though, the video on the steam application store page shows wilson eating raw monster meat :V

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