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[Gameplay] Could not click Main Menu buttons

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Derpingson    10

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  • Steam

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Issue title

Could not click Main Menu buttons

Steps to reproduce

1. Simply started up the game

2. Left side of main menu buttons did not light up as usual. When clicked, nothing happened.

Describe your issue

I was simply playing the latest Steam version of the game when I noticed this. I can only say that this happened with the main menu buttons (Play!, Settings and More Games) although I do not know much for the "Forum", "Notify Me!" as well as the other buttons.

I accidentally closed the game too early and it went back to normal. This isn't too big an issue, but thought you'd like to know.
Some screenshots are below.
(I tested on the Settings, and More Games button and it was the same problem there too)

> I just tried going into my screenshots and my mouse was not visible so they do not provide any proof. Sorry! :c

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