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[Please all read] General suggestions :)

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Hunder    10

This thread is just simply to create a few simple suggestions to help improve and make the game more enjoyable for the players, none of which are 'silly' updates but genuine ones to which i feel other will agree with me on.

1. I know it is an indie game, but maybe setting the option for which;

  • The two dogs spawn (Yes/No)
    The Tree Guardian (Yes/No)

Aswell as any other random spawn mob such as these, simply as some may just want to go round exploring and trying to simply not starve, as many a times have i been playing happily then one of these creatures has came along and ruined my whole game by taking me out in seconds.

Also maybe a few higher grade weapons? such as maybe a gold spear? Also maybe some stone armour, like the log suit?

Also maybe a more permanent sleeping method, not one easily obtainable, one which requires a wide range of items to which take some time to collect but then means you have a permanent (NEVER GOES) way of sleeping through the night, as after the 10th day goes by it gets a tad tedious having to stand by the fire for a few minutes because its pretty much the only way to get through the night and a straw bail thing is just a waste. Just a few things IMO that may help/benifit the game, please post below any feedback!

Oh also, sorry for any spelling mistakes in this post.

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