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[Exploit] Dig up berry bush, get meat


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Dig up berry bush, get meat

Steps to reproduce

Dig up a berry bush that has Gobbler inside.

Describe your issue

If a
Berry Bush
is dug up, but a
is hidden inside, the Gobbler will instantly die and the bush will yield Gobbler meat and morsel.

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I don't think this is a bug? You have to know the gobbler is inside and it's one way to take care of it. It's not like Berry Farming is really an issue anymore so it's a fun way to kill the gobbler. If it is a bug, I think it should be treated as a "feature" ;)

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I'd say it's a bug because it didn't happen for me, last night I chased a gobbler into a bush and when I dug it up I only got the bush and berries. The bush had been a full one that the Gobbler ate from so maybe the bug happens on bushes that were already empty when the Gobbler got to it.

Note that the Gobbler still replenishes berries if it jumps into an empty bush, I've heard it will fertilize a worn out bush too.

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