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Animal Idea

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22winston    46

Reading some other suggestions out there i felt like i should suggest a animal to be added.

Or animals idk. Here they may not all be like half names like catcoons etc but idk. [i know these will never be added anyway]



Striped Tiger

Wilsons response

That striped fur would look great in my new lab.

Those teeth look like knives....


Wickerbottoms Response She lightens up a bit when she sees one

Here kitty kitty


Willows Response

How Flammable is that fur o.o time to test it out


Carnivorous and aggressive.

Has a close range attack and charge attack

Close Range : Scratch And Bite

Far Range : Charge


Saber Bird

A Ostrich Like Creature with 2 horns facing down like daggers

2 legs lined with rock hard scales and 4 sharp talons, 3 eyes dont ask, wings spiked with well spikes. [Cant Fly]


Wilsons Response

Ive never really been a fighter you know ....


Willows Response

As much as i like murdering things with fire i think ill pass


Webbers Response

Birds eat spiders and I'm half spider...


Omnivore Aggressive if provoked or if its raining.

Spiked attack

and well just pecking.







I totally regret posting this ... i am 99.9999999999% sure i clicked X on the tab and clicked cancel but what ever i cant delete it now ... :/ if only i could delete the post.... the facepalms :(

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XirmiX    754

Lol, just seing me making pretty good ideas, made your head go wibbly wobbly and make up some stuff XD


The only thing I like about this, is the idea of a bird-like Ostrich with 3 eyes! The spiked Wings are kind of a good idea, actually. Better name for it could be Triplich.



Looks like a mutated Ostrich


The Tiger thing :/ too simple.

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