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[Crash] manifest update failed


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Issue title

manifest update failed

Steps to reproduce

1. Open the game in Chrome

2. Wait for Common.zip to "not load"

Describe your issue

Common.zip won't load no matter what. The error screen says "Error: Manifest update failed, please clear your browser cache...".

Tried reinstalling Chrome, wiping all Chrome data. Also tried using different PCs with different graphic cards.

Last lines in console:

[18:15.55.555090]: NetworkFileSystem: OnURLOpened URL=http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/grab_file/r69716/common.zip?a6bd91fd855584ae5d645141f3ed25b4, File=grab_file/r69716/common.zip?a6bd91fd855584ae5d645141f3ed25b4, Size=28346495.[plain] util.js:16

[18:20.10.5930]: NetworkFileSystem: OnBlockLoad failed. File=grab_file/r69716/common.zip?a6bd91fd855584ae5d645141f3ed25b4, Result=PP_ERROR_NOACCESS(-7) util.js:16

[18:20.10.6510]: File grab_file/r69716/common.zip?a6bd91fd855584ae5d645141f3ed25b4 has status 7 [Failed] util.js:16

[18:20.10.102830]: VersionSync: Downloaded file differes from manifest! Local Version [ca90a56daad29585ffc8bfb0ef25b0fc] Remote Version [a6bd91fd855584ae5d645141f3ed25b4] util.js:16

[18:20.10.740680]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate() Manifest update failed util.js:16

Unfortunately this error means I can't use the menu to copy my key for convertion to steam one. I used the second, gift one though, but I still want to retain the first key. Would anyone from Klei kindly email it to me, if nothing else solves the problem?

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