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[Graphics] Game playing slow/choppy.

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nanderson    10

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Game playing slow/choppy.

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Just playing.

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I've been playing this game since mid November. Game played like a dream at first. The first bit of choppiness started right after the Nov 27 update. Since then it has gotten increasingly worse. My game file is day 120 something, and I have done much to change the landscape since the generated map at the beginning. (i.e. planting and moving berry bushes and grasses/ building pig houses) Not sure if that could cause the game to slow down, but it's such a bummer to play now! My girlfriend and I both love this game too much to just throw it to the side. Please help!

We're operating on a Dual Core Pentium i processor 945 w/ a GeForce 9600 GT Graphics Card. Not sure how that translates from the Radeon, but I feel it should be more than enough since we play games like Skyrim and The Secret World, no problem.

Thank You For Your Time,


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