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[Sound] Bee buzzing sound stuck in active audio


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Bee buzzing sound stuck in active audio

Steps to reproduce

Attack beehive, have the bees follow you, catch them one by one when they lose interest, and the sound sometimes gets stuck.

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This was my first game in the Steam version, build as of Dec 10 at 14:30 GMT or so, and I had managed to build a bug net so that I could catch bees for a bee box. I attacked the beehive with my spear, and then I ran away until the bees stopped following and caught one with my net. That prompted the rest to start following me again, so I ran away again and thus caught them all one by one. But after they had all been caught, the buzzing sound stayed around a day or so in-game, while I did all manner of other things. It finally stopped when I picked up the bees I caught in my backpack with the mouse and put them back in the tile in the backpack. So as
as the bees were the thing that I was holding with the cursor, the sound stopped.

This hasn't happened to me in the Chrome version, and I haven't reproduced it yet in the Steam version.

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You have living bees in your inventory, so they keep buzzing every day.

That didn't happen in the Chrome version, they kept silent after being captured... Or at least muted enough not to be a nuisance. In the incident described above, the sound was like a herd of bees was constantly surrounding Wilson, drowning out other sound from the game. If this is design, it's pretty irritating.

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