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Rayze Darr

Game Modes: "Fresh Start" and "Forever Fresh"

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Rayze Darr    14

Here's an idea I had rolling around in my head, so here it is for my first post.

I almost feel like I'm cheating sometimes when I start a new game and can immediately make myself a spear and some log armor to boot. It's nice for when I'm going for time to gain experience, but sometimes I find myself wishing that I could start a game mode where I'd have to do all my research anew, but without losing my progress.

I call it "Fresh Start." In this game mode, you'd be thrown into the world with no items researched. This way, I could feel the experience of that first time I played, taking baby steps towards my first special tools, my first weapon, and my first structures. This wouldn't be a total "new game," though. Rather, should you later decide to start a normal "New Game," any and all research you had before your "Fresh Start" would be in-tact. ie, say you have everything researched. You start a Fresh Start and die after having only researched a few things. If you start a New Game, you now, again, have everything researched, and if you start a new Fresh Start, you now have nothing researched.

My other idea, which actually came to me as I was typing out the above, is the game mode "Forever Fresh," with the idea being that, in this mode, you CANNOT research anything. You're only allowed your basic tools and campfires, plus whatever else comes default. This would be seen as a sort of "hardcore mode."

As an additional thought, maybe playing on these modes would bank you slightly more xp, given that you're at a greater disadvantage than starting a New Game. Just some ideas that popped into my head.

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Dom-Sithe    10

Welcome to the Forums! I hope you enjoy your time with us!

I really agree with you about how starting with spear and log armor (though I find boards to be the best item in the game right now over all) feels kind of easy. You'll be pleased to know there is a lot of changes coming to the research system which can be found here.

As for the Forever Fresh idea... I would actually rather see an ironman mode kind of thing. Where you can't build anything, but tools and such are littered around randomly on the map. Being limited only to the starter equipment is neat, but i would say a little to restrictive.

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Palpetinus    839


Tough i like your idea, the devs are already remaking the research system.

And there is going to be a story mode. Once you complete that, you have some options when making a new world.

Your ideas have already been thought.

A little different, but still.

PS: did you really have to remind me of Banjo Kazooie? Now i have to get my old N64 out because the song is stuck in my head :D

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